Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We turn east over the San Fernando Valley on approach to BUR.

The top photo looks in on Woodland Hills an edge city in the western part of
the valley. http://www.woodlandhills.com/.
As well as many businesses, Woodlnad has 2 major malls next to one another; The Topanga Plaza and the Westfield promenade. http://westfield.com/topanga and http://westfield.com/promenade.

Although suburban by nature, the San Fernando Valley has various edge
cities but no real downtown, (This applies to most of the LA area). The next
3 photos show Sherman Oaks. The first 2 photos look South over I-405 as it
traverses the foothills down to LA's West Side.

This photo has an aerial of Sherman Oaks looking South. Running horizontal
along the photo is US101, and vertically I-405. If you look toward the lower left
corner near the intersection of the 2 highways, you'll see a long white building;
the Sherman Oaks Galleria, http://www.shermanoaksgalleria.com. The
Galleria was the small shown in some 80's classics like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Valley Girl". The mall was renovated about 10 years ago and now it is an open-air entertainment complex with movies, bars and
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