Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Burbank Airport, (BUR)

Bob Hope Burbank Airport is located in the Eastern Half of the San Fernando
Valley. Being just over the pass from LA and Hollywood, it is very convenient
for the people of Central LA as well as the Valleys. It is a small airport surrounded by the city, (similar to Chicago Midway). With the neighbors so close, it has a strong noise abatement procedures and a curfew with no aircaft
movements occuring between 10pm and 7am, as indicated in the top photo.

BUR, is "old school ", in that it has a single story terminal with no jet-bridges.
For this reason we can board out of both the front as well as the rear. This is
another convenience that BUR offers. It is one of my personal favorite airport
of the many we serve in our system. Information about BUR can be found at:

The next 2 photos were taken while we were parked in between flights.
Here you can see the single story terminal.

This photo shows how small the airport is, and how close to one another the
aircrafts are parked.

On takeoff, here is a view of Downtown Burbank to the east. Downtown Burbank
has undergone a massive re-development over the past 10 years. Major shops
and restaurants have moved there, as well as thousands of new residents have
made Downtown home. http://www.downtown-burbank.org.
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