Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fying SFO-SAN (Cont)

Today is a beautiful day with little cloud cover, so we get a good view of Downtown
San Francisco. Most mornings there is usually a dense fog layer over the city
which does not allow for good photos. However today, we get a clear shot.
San Francisco is one of my personal favorite US Cities. The strange weather,
hills vibe, as well as the various neighborhoods add to the cities charm.
The middle photo is an overhead view of the Golden Gate Bridge, dividing
San Francisco with Marin County, (top half of photo). To the left of the bridge,
is the Pacific Coast. The fog tends to roll in through the strait that the bridge
crosses. Most mornings and evenings the fog rolls in and envelops the city. This morning however, there is only a tiny layer, (seen to the left of the bridge). The bridge is one of the world's most re-known landmarks and is a must see for any visit to San Francisco. .
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